Monday, September 15, 2014

Productive holidays, kinda

Went to The Tiramisu Hero today for #siewis (AHAHAH) weekly café affair.
It's rather hard to find as the place it's located is kinda ulu but with the help of Google Maps...
Address: 121 Tyrwhitt Rd, 207548
We alighted at Lavender and walked abt 10 mins!
We ordered thai chix mini pizza, nutella ice cream brick toast and tiramisu in a jar.
Honestly the tiramisu was ok ok only ahahahah
Visuals of the day








I don't want the holidays to end but I kinda miss school but I don't wna study
That's all for the day, thanks fr reading!!


Friday, September 12, 2014


Back with another update on foooood and this time we went to D'good café.
Located at Holland Village and it's relatively easy to spot :-)
The food was at a reasonable price and it was delish.
 Mine was Egg Benedict which was $13.50 and SY's was Ham&Cheese French toast for about $9
(if I remembered correctly)
And we both topped up $3 for a choc drink!




I swear I was wearing shorts ^
Life's too short and unpredictable. I guess we should live everyday to the fullest.
 What I meant by 'fullest' is not to go crazy shopping or stuff yourself with all the good food. What I meant is about those small little things that actually makes your day such as, helping an old uncle to buy tissues and doing stuffs you love like baking. Do things that make you smile.
Don't stay angry at someone for the littlest things.
Don't get annoyed at your grandparents/parents.
hm just a note to myself I guess
That's all for this week's post, stay happy and thanks for reading x