Sunday, August 17, 2014


I'm nt really sure if anyone still reads this lil space of mine anymore
cos' I didn't really 'publicise' this blog
BUT I'm still gna update cos' it's
my lil space :-) me if you still read this ahahahahah
It's the beginning of study week which means the exams are in a week. Well-
I love to look at old photos/notes.
I miss how easy and happy everything was. The only thing that matter is whether you get to eat that candy or if you get to have fun at the playground or not.
That easy.
Now everything else matters, even the smallest shit.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


This mirror selfie has totally no link to what I wna rant/say in this blog post.
I don't usually blog about this kinda things but well?
I'm so unhappy
Unhappy with myself, my studies, my body and just everything else.
Sometimes I just think that life is so fucking unfair. Some people can get what they want easily,
maybe they got the luck/talent/whtev.
Unfortunately, I do not have any talent, luck or what not.
This sucks.
I fail at everything in life. I can't even accomplish small things which makes me even unhappier bcos I'm so useless.
I don't belong here or anywhere I guess.
I'm also probably the worst friend ever.
 I'm sorry guys, if anyone actually even bother reading this.
I don't rly know how it feels like to be truly happy anymore.