Friday, April 18, 2014


Orientation is officially over!!! It also means that school is officially gna start.
I'm so not prepared to learn all those econs n accounting n all but :-(
Honestly the orientation was so-so but the people involved made everything a lot more fun.
I also made some new friends that r as crazy as me YAY
Hope that everything will be smooth n no dramas pls (cross fingers)



my two cute facils!
Till then :) 


Monday, April 14, 2014

FOP Day 1

Went to school today for FOP day one.
After not waking up at 630am for about 6 months, I actually slept thru my alarm n ended up waking up 40 mins later.
And I made my friends wait for me ahahaha.
Today was rather boring n fun at the same time idek what am I talking but I'm looking forward for tmrw and the rest of the days to come!

Cross my fingers that I'll be back to update this almost-dead blog.
Till then :)