Friday, October 24, 2014

Sem 2 week 1

It was super slacky, some lectures here and there. The real thing starts next week :-( 
On a brighter note, I;m off to Bandung next thurs! 
Gonna miss quite a number of lessons though.. hope i could catch up but I'm so excited!!! 

First week of school aesthetics:

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I had fun

Decided to blog at such a weird hour (12.35am) cos it's officially sunday. 
In another words, school is starting TOMORROW. 
To be honest, it felt like my holiday just started and i never want it to end. 
I don't wanna attend school, it's torturous.. mentally. 

But well, let's face the reality. Here's what i'm up to the past 2 weeks!!! 

It was a 2D1N chalet. We bbqed and played cards on the first night. 
Went straight to training in the afternoon and played cards (again...) on the second day. 
Had sparring on the third day. 

Although it's only been half a year since i joined Muay Thai, it has taught me ALOT, physically and mentally. 
No pain no gain, the pain we felt at that moment is purely just discomfort so suck it up cos it's all about the mind. 
Pushing yourself won't do you any harm, it will only make you a stronger person! :-) 

I had fun making new friends although i was kinda hesitant to sign up for this camp at first but 
no regrets!!!!
I had a great time and it was nice seeing everybody so hyped up too. 


It's rly hard to maintain close relationship with friends when all of us are in different schools having different schedules and commitments however i'm rly glad that we got to meet up to celebrate yee pok's birthday!!!! 
I'm rly rly happy to spent time with my favorite bunch of girls since Secondary 1 :'-)
We got YL a pandora charm n a lil cake (coco exotic frm Four Leaves DAMN GOOD!!!)

Fun times are over, time to buck up and study.